Early Literacy Stations

The Early Literacy Station™ (ELS) is designed specifically for your youngest patrons ages 2-8 and features over 4,000 localized learning activities on a computer. The fun, interactive, and engaging content spans all seven curricular areas: math, science & nature, social studies & geography, reading, art & music, writing & computer skills, and reference. The ELS is available in English, Bilingual Spanish, and Bilingual French.

Studies show that the integration of blended learning into early childhood education can increase literacy, improve school readiness, and prepare young learners for a curriculum that is based on STEAM and STEM. The Early Literacy Station™ from AWE Learning creates an easy-to-use, single learning solution for young learners of all ages to build their literacy skills.

The Early Literacy Stations were purchased by the Library with funds from the Louise Adair Francisco Memorial. There are three (3) Early Literacy Stations at Henry County Library and two (2) at the Lenora Blackmore Branch in Windsor.