WiFi Hotspots

The Henry County Library has WiFi hotspots available for check out. These devices will allow patrons to connect up to 15 internet-enabled devices at a time in their household. They come with unlimited data and 4G LTE speeds. The hotspots are easy to use and just require an electrical outlet to plug into. Hotspots can be checked out for one (1) week at a time. Hotspots cannot be renewed or placed on hold. The Henry County Library hopes that this service will help provide home internet access to members of the community.

Hotspot Policy

  • $1.00 overdue fine per day.
  • No renewals.
  • Returned hotspots must stay in Library possession for 24 hours before the next checkout is allowed.
  • Late or damaged hotspot fees: $200.00 for cost of hotspot + $5.00 processing fee + any overdue fees accrued.
  • If the data coverage of a hotspot has to be turned off, the patron will be suspended from checking out hotspots for three (3) months. If a second violation occurs, the patron will be suspended from checking out hotspots for six (6) months. In the event of a third violation, the patron will be banned from checking out hotspots indefinitely.
  • The Library reserves the right to suspend hotspot privileges of any patron who is chronically late returning hotspots or abusing any of the above policies.